The Air Fryer Showdown: Comparing Top Brands in 2023

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Air fryers have taken the world by storm, offering a healthier alternative to traditional frying methods. With so many options available, it’s essential to find the best air fryer that meets your needs. In this showdown, Ready2Go compares the top brands of 2023, including Ninja Foodi Air Fryer, Instant Vortex Plus, Tefal, Tower, Salter, Philips, COSORI, Schallen, and Instant Pot.

The Contenders

  1. Ninja Foodi Air Fryer – Dual Zone 7.6 Litre. £284.05 (RRP:£199.00)
  2. Instant Vortex Plus – Dual Basket with ClearCook – 7.6L Digital Health Air Fryer, Black, 8-in-1 Smart Programmes. £200.00
  3. Tefal ActiFry Genius XL 2in1 YV970840 – Air Fryer – 1.7 kg / 8 Portions. £199.99 (RRP:£234.99)
  4. Tower Digital Air Fryer Oven – with Rapid Air Circulation. £125.00 (RRP:£139.99)
  5. Salter Dual Air Fryer – Double Drawer Non-Stick Cooking, Sync & Match Cook Function. £149.00
  6. Philips Premium XXL Airfryer – 7.3 Litres, 2225 W, Fat Removal Technology. £284.05 (RRP:£299.99)
  7. COSORI 9-in-1 Compact Air Fryers Oven – Max 230℃ Setting, 30 Recipes Cookbook. £109.99 (RRP:£199.99)
  8. Schallen 2 in-1 Deluxe Black & Glass Air Fryer – Deep Fat-Free Frying Healthy Halogen Cooker. £44.99 (RRP:£49.99)
  9. Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer 11-in-1 Multicooker. £160.00 (RRP:£189.99)

Capacity and Wattage

When choosing an air fryer, capacity and wattage are essential factors to consider. The Ninja Foodi Air Fryer and Instant Vortex Plus both offer a large-capacity 7.6-liter basket, while the Tefal ActiFry Genius XL 2in1 boasts an impressive 1.7 kg capacity. The Philips Premium XXL Airfryer stands out with its powerful 2225 W motor.

Features and Controls

Air fryer features like temperature control, timer, and cooking presets can make all the difference in usability. The Tower Digital Air Fryer Oven and Salter Dual Air Fryer offer innovative sync & match cook functions, while the COSORI 9-in-1 Compact Air Fryers Oven provides a maximum temperature setting of 230℃ and a 30-recipe cookbook.

Versatility and Ease of Cleaning

A versatile air fryer can handle various cooking tasks, and easy-to-clean designs make the cooking experience more enjoyable. The Schallen 2-in-1 Deluxe Black & Glass Air Fryer offers deep fat-free frying and a healthy halogen cooker in one device. The Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer 11-in-1 Multicooker combines the functionality of an Instant Pot with an air fryer, making it one of the most versatile options on the list.

Most of these air fryers have dishwasher-safe or non-stick components, making them easy to clean. The Salter Dual Air Fryer features double-drawer non-stick cooking, while the COSORI 9-in-1 Compact Air Fryers Oven has a removable non-stick basket, ensuring easy clean-up.

Energy Efficiency

An energy-efficient air fryer helps save on electricity bills without compromising cooking quality. The Instant Vortex Plus and Tower Digital Air Fryer Oven both utilize rapid air circulation technology, reducing cooking times and energy consumption. The Philips Premium XXL Air fryer also boasts its Fat Removal Technology, making it a healthier and more efficient option.

The Verdict

Each air fryer on this list has unique features and benefits, making it difficult to choose the absolute best. However, when considering capacity, features, versatility, ease of cleaning, and energy efficiency, the Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer 11-in-1 Multicooker stands out as a top contender. The COSORI 9-in-1 Compact Air Fryers Oven is also a fantastic option for those looking for a more compact and affordable air fryer with versatile cooking options.

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